Covid Update – May 2022

  Dear Friends.  So what’s new in the world of COVID, you ask? A lot it seems, since we last spoke.  Firstly, there are more cases now. One in three people have reported COVID positive. Maybe double that, if you count people who have had COVID and not known or not reported.  We have had a […]

Group Training Session

At BMC we roleplay and demonstrate emergency drills. All staff participate in emergency protocols so everyone knows what they can do and we can work together as a team, should an emergency arise.

Payroll Tax

A payroll tax on medical practices will force some Doctors to close their doors. Patients will loose access to healthcare and be forced to pay more. You can help by telling the Government to exempt medical practices from Payroll Tax.

Your Doctor Newsletter

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Covid Update January 2022

Dear Friends  Let’s just say that “much” has happened in the last few weeks  I do have this hope that this will be over, soon. I hope COVID is like a huge wave that is rushing towards the shore, but then, instead, tripped up, and tumbles gently on a sandy beach, fully spent. Spilling us like flotsam, in a soft surge at high tide, so we […]

Covid Update December 2021

Just when it felt safe to go in the water…. along comes Omicron variant. Now I subscribe to the glass half full and it’s very possible this could represent a milder version of the virus. ( yea !) You have to ask, It is more transmissible?-  but by how much? Will it be sensitive to […]

How safe is my personal information if I book Online?

We use HotDoc as our preferred online bookings solution. You can read more about their policies using the links below. HotDoc’s mission is to enable the best possible patient experience. They do not believe in a business model that diminishes the patient experience in any way such as passing on patient details to 3rd parties. […]

Advanced Training

Dr Donovan recently attended a three day skin cancer course in Brisbane. He enjoys courses and conferences, and says its like sitting down to a 3 course banquet. His first day was spent refining his surgical techniques for skin cancer work on the face , another day on the latest techniques for accessing moles. He […]