My Medicare

Our practice has made the decision to be a registered practice for MyMedicare. This means that as an ongoing patient, you can choose to nominate our practice and your GP as your primary health care provider. This is a voluntary registration and the quality of care that we provide to you will not change if you choose not to register.  

MyMedicare is designed to promote continuity of care for patients and establish a stronger relationship with their healthcare providers. If you choose to nominate our practice and your GP as your preferred provider, there will be benefits that Medicare will roll out over time to improve access and promote a higher quality of care. The only immediate change that directly affects you, if you are registered, is that as of the 1st of November 2023, you will have access to longer telehealth consultations if required. We will continue to update you of any changes that are released as soon as the information is delivered to us.  

  • Supports practices to provide preventive care and early treatment allowing patients to stay active and healthier in the community for longer.  
  • Promotes having an established relationship with a nominated GP/practice for seamless, integrated, and continuous care; and where patient needs are understood and prioritised.  
  • Reduces division of care caused by multiple service providers.  
  • Funds longer telehealth appointments that will benefit people with disabilities or mobility issues that find it difficult to get to face-to-face appointments.  
  • Supports the delivery of quality and continuous care to residents in aged care facilities.  
  • Patients deserve to have a GP/practice that knows their history.  
  • Access to levels C and D (longer) telephone consultations for registered patients.  
  • Removal of red tape for telehealth: no need to meet the 12-month rule for registered patients.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Do I have to pay to register with a GP? No, registration is voluntary and free.  

Can I still see a GP at a different practice to the one I have registered with? Yes, you can continue to see other GPs and health professionals at other practices. 

If I register with a GP, will I be bulk-billed? If you are aged under 16, a pension or concession card holder – you may be eligible to be bulk-billed for longer telehealth consultations.  Face-to-face appointments will be charged in accordance with the usual billing arrangements.  

Do I have to see a Practice Nurse if I would prefer to see my GP? No, you will always be able to make an appointment to see your GP (or another GP) within our practice. 

If my nominated GP moves to another practice, what happens? You can nominate another GP in your registered practice, or you can register with your nominated GP at their new practice (without having to meet any new eligibility requirements).  

Where will my registered practice and nominated GP be recorded? Practice registration and GP nomination will be recorded on the registered general practice software and in your My Health Record, unless you choose not to display this.  

Can I change my nominated GP or registered practice? You can change your preferred GP within your registered practice at any time. You can register with a new practice once you meet the eligibility requirements and if that practice is registered in MyMedicare. Both you and the practice need to provide consent for your registration to be complete. 

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