Thank you for your support

For some time we have been asking patients and visitors to sign in to our COVID App upon arrival. We now ask all patients and staff to wear masks, inside the surgery
We are securing more robust outdoor seating as soon as we can. (Have you seen my tent?, after the storm?)
Thank you to our patients for embracing these changes. They are about community safety. Overseas we have learnt that medical services have been the source of transmission in 30% of cases.
Our initiatives have not been mandated by the Government; we have introduced them off our own bat.


We are buying the masks privately as best we can, they are not provided by the government. ( hence the donation if you do no bring your own)
These measures just seems sensible, with so many visitors to Berry and in light of recent Sydney outbreaks. We feel we need to take the lead.
It is also because if we do have a local case, it is likely local sites will be visited by inspectors. If we have done more than what is required, if we have been extra cautious, then we are less likely to be completely shut down. Which would be a truly scary situation.
We appreciate you joining us in every measure possible to limit the spread of COVID.

Neil Donovan on behalf of the Berry Medical Centre.