A qualified Well Womens Registered Nurse conducts weekly Womens Wellness Clinics. Your confidential appointment with our female nurse will address specific women’s health issues including Cervical Screening Test (Pap smear), breast awareness, bladder health and pelvic floor issues. Please call 4464 1577 to make a confidential 30 minute appointment.

Here is what you can expect at a Womens Wellness Clinic:

Cervical Screening

  • Information on the National Screening program and National Register
  • Changes to the Cervical Screening Test (we used to call it a “pap test”)
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection check
  • Cervical Screening Test

Breast Health

  • Education on identifying and reporting breast changes
  • Breast screening/mammography schedule
  • Breast health promotion


  • Screen for incontinence
  • Provide education on pelvic floor exercises and other strategies to manage/improve bladder habits.
  • Referral for further assessment and treatment