COVID-19 (C-19) Virus Update – Berry Medical Centre 8th April 2020

COVID 19 ( C-19) VIRUS
Dear Friends
First and foremost, our doors remain open.
The good news is that as of today’s date, we have not had any positive tests for Coronoavirus that have come to the surgery.
We are taking every precaution to make sure both our patients and staff are safe.
Just to explain how we are doing this. Firstly, when you are booking online or by phone we ask if you have symptoms of the virus such as sore throat, fever or cough? Have you noticed changes in sense of smell or taste? If you have travelled recently? Been in contact with someone who is positive? Or are you unwell in anyway?
If so, you will be triaged, to be seen outside, in a safe area and assessed there.
If you are deemed high risk we may need to see you wearing the full protective equipment and we may need to take a swab from you.
We are also completing immunisations outside and in a safe way, in a separate tent.
Our goal is to limit the time you spend waiting, and to have as few as possible patients waiting in the surgery.
You will see that we check your temperature on arrival, we have closed the waiting room and our chairs are spaced. We are cleaning every surface, we are washing, wiping, disinfecting everything.
We are testing doctors and staff.
Effectively we are trying to make sure that any patient with any infection or that may be contagious is not seen inside the surgery. The virus does not enter the surgery. So far so good.
Of course, we know you can have the virus and may not know it, the best we can do, is to make sure our contact with you is spatially distanced and as brief if possible.
There are still patients who need to be seen. We are telephoning and teleconferencing many of our patients, but if you feel you need to be seen, we are here.
If we are proactive, and if we are all disciplined, we can limit the spread in Berry and try to keep our patients out of hospital.
We are on a war footing; the signs are promising that we are winning and we need to stay the course. Hang in there.
Dr Neil Donovan on behalf of staff, nurses and doctors at Berry Medical Centre.