Flu Clinic 2019

Flu Clinic 2019 Monday 6th May to Friday 10th May inclusive Berry Medical Centre Flu Clinic will run for a week commencing from 8:30am to 9:00am All patients of the practice are invited to arrive between these times to receive your flu injection, no appointment is necessary. High risk patients are Free of Charge (over […]

We Now Send Recalls/Clinical Reminders via SMS

Our practice now uses secure mobile messages (SMS) to send recalls / clinical reminders to patients about upcoming health appointments, such as skin checks, cervical tests and blood tests. The SMS’ will replace letters sent in the post. Why SMS? As well as being a more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional letters, SMS is more secure […]

Book online via HotDoc

Watch this short video to show how easy it is to book an appt online using your HotDoc app Download the HotDoc app We have switched our online bookings system to a new provider – HotDoc. Here are 5 reasons why you should download the HotDoc app today.

Your Doctor Newsletter

Newsletter – Your Doctor 2020_06 Newsletter – Your Doctor 2020_04 Newsletter – Your Doctor 2020_02 Newsletter – Your Doctor 2019_12 Newsletter – Your Doctor 2019_10 Newsletter – Your Doctor 2019_08 Newsletter – Your Doctor 2019_06 Newsletter – Your Doctor 2019_04 Newsletter – Your Doctor 2019_02 Newsletter – Your Doctor 2018_12 Newsletter – Your Doctor 2018_10 […]

General Practice : Squishy and Uncertain

  General Practice suffers an image problem. Experts call it squishy and uncertain compared to the shiny and cutting-edge of emergency departments. It’s not sexy, we are not the rock stars of medicine. (BTW : I still think I could have been a rock star, though, maybe. …Mm.) One way to explain our value to […]